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Assistant Manager, SCM - India

Category: Supply Chain
Position Type: Regular Full-Time
External ID: 11248
Location: Bangalore, KA, India
Date Posted: Nov 21, 2023


As a Supply Chain Analytics professional, you will play a crucial role in optimizing and improving the efficiency of the supply chain operations within the organization. Your primary responsibility will be to analyze supply chain data, identify trends, generate insights, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance performance. This position requires expertise in Advanced Excel and Power BI to manipulate and visualize data effectively. Additionally, you will be responsible for analyzing and mitigating pilferage throughout the end-to-end supply chain, from the fulfillment center to the last mile.


Key roles and responsibilities would include.


  1. Data Analysis and Visualization:
  • Collect, clean, and analyze supply chain data from various sources.
  • Utilize advanced Excel functions and formulas to extract meaningful insights from large datasets.
  • Develop interactive dashboards and reports using Power BI to visually represent data for stakeholders.
  1. Performance Monitoring and Reporting:
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) across the supply chain, order fulfillment rates, and lead times.
  • Generate regular reports and presentations to communicate performance metrics, trends, and opportunities for improvement to management.
  1. Pilferage Analysis and Mitigation:
  • Analyze end-to-end supply chain data to identify potential pilferage points and patterns.
  • Implement statistical methods and data modeling techniques to detect anomalies and irregularities in the supply chain.
  • Collaborate with logistics teams and WH teams personnel to develop strategies and preventive measures to mitigate pilferage risks.
  1. Process Optimization:
  • Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks within the supply chain processes and propose process improvement initiatives.
  • Conduct root cause analysis to identify underlying issues impacting supply chain performance and recommend corrective actions.
  1. Collaboration and Stakeholder Management:
  • Collaborate with internal teams, such as complaint, logistics, and operations, to align strategies and streamline processes.
  • Work closely with IT teams to ensure data integrity, system integration, and automate data extraction and reporting processes.


Required Skills and Qualifications:


  • Bachelor's degree in supply chain management, business analytics, operations research, or a related field.
  • Advanced proficiency in Excel, including functions, formulas, pivot tables, and data manipulation techniques.
  • Strong expertise in data visualization tools such as Power BI or Tableau.
  • Familiarity with supply chain concepts, WH operations and logistics.


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